Not so SMART

Bus Nerd saw this in the Free Press today:

The SMART bus driver who told a Taylor mom she couldn’t breastfeed on a bus in late June was suspended for five days without pay, and her dispatcher was suspended for three, company officials said today.

The two employees were punished for not following company policy and for using profanity after Afrykayn Moon, 32, said the driver tried to keep her from boarding the bus while her then two-week-old son was nursing.

She said the driver refused to drive the bus until the child was done breastfeeding, and had security guards try to remove her.

Yikes. Southeast Michigan, this is not a good look. You can’t offer a two-week old a sandwich.

Here’s a longer article about the same incident, and, in case you care, here’s one of my past posts on the subject of breastfeeding in transit.

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2 Responses to Not so SMART

  1. April says:

    Honestly, so long as the baby wasn’t crying, I think the woman and her child should have been allowed to breastfeed on the bus while in motion.