Odd name, cool concept

My friend Stephanie, who also happens to be the founder of one of the most amazing arts organizations ever to exist in Seattle, recently hipped to a cool new website called Earthbongo. Earthbongo (yes, that’s the name) provides a place for people to “start and join projects that make the world better.”

Projects range from changing your habits at the dry cleaner to interviewing a family elder, and participants live all over the world. And yes, if you haven’t guessed it already, I started a project of my own.

If you have kids and want to drive less, join me!

1 thought on “Odd name, cool concept

  1. Stephanie

    Hey thanks Buschick. How am I just seeing this? All of us at earthbongo can’t thank you enough for your help in spreading the news about what we’re doing. Much love to you and yours!

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