Speaking of Detroit buses…

According to this Free Press article (via: Garlin), the quality of DDOT‘s service continues to decline.

Fighting a losing battle with metastatic bone cancer, Joe Briscoe has one hope — a miraculous turn in his medical treatment.

But none of that matters, the 62-year-old Detroiter said, if he can’t get to his appointments at St. John Hospital on time because of increasingly tardy buses.

“I sometimes have to wait more than two hours,” Briscoe said during a downpour at his bus stop at Woodward and 7 Mile this week. “I’m missing appointments because the buses have gotten really bad.”

Briscoe is among the roughly one-third of Detroiters who don’t have access to a vehicle, forcing them to rely on public transportation.

Bus tardiness has grown steadily since January, from 28% of the DDOT buses running late to 38% in August.

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I haven’t ridden a bus in Detroit in at least four years (though my limited DDOT experience did include at least one hour plus wait). We’re heading back in November, so I guess I’ll have a chance to see for myself.

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  1. jkh1948

    I’m so sorry and yet not surprised that in **DETROIT** the bus system is being undermined. When I had to move to the North End (of Seattle) I broke down and bought a car because of the suburban sprawl. I had to maximize my travel efficiency and transit wasn’t doin’ it. Now, in the Lynwood area, massive cutbacks in transit are forcing more folks to “afford” cars when they really can’t, in order to get from Point A to Points Et Cetera. The primary question for them becomes Better Quality Nutrition vs the ability to get around. It’s miserable. This “recession” won’t be over until transit is restored.

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