Two new additions to the bus bag

All the dry, sunny weather we’ve been having of late has me feeling somewhat complacent, as if the rains will never come. I’ve put off buying a new pair of boots, which (after countless seasons of re-heeling and polishing the same favorite pair) has become a necessity. I also haven’t replaced my lost umbrella, unearthed my favorite pair of gloves, or procured enough cool-weather clothes for the kids. But, I am ready with the rain gear*, people.

Fellow bus chicks, behold.

raincoat unfolded

My new raincoat

raincoat folded

My new raincoat!

Given how efficiently packed my bag is, this little number is (or will be) a significant addition. It takes up more space than almost anything else I have in there. But the fact that there exists in the world a professional, versatile, poncho-like garment that will fit over any outfit** and pack up to the size of a medium book without getting anything else in my bag wet is pretty doggone amazing–definitely worth the extra bulk and ounces.

And speaking of amazing…

My friend Lily told me about this ingenious little bag many years ago, and I finally got around to purchasing one (actually, two) in June.

Shopping bag

My handy new shopping bags: one open, one ready to pack

It handles (almost) all of my plastic bag scenarios (I still carry a couple of those as well) and comes in handy for my frequent “on the way” shopping trips–especially now that Seattle’s bag ban is in full effect. Also, it’s tiny (Bus Nerd carries one in his pocket), washable, and adorable.

Look out, world! This fall, I’m taking bus chick preparedness to a whole ‘nother level.


*For the past few years, I have owned no outerwear appropriate for rain. It’s a long story I won’t take the time to tell here. Y’all know how I tend to digress.
**Too bad I didn’t know about this back when I still wore a baby pack.

3 thoughts on “Two new additions to the bus bag

  1. jkh1948

    Excellent score, BusChick! I think your rain almost-a-poncho is much better than my Chubby & Tubby raingear, because it is stuff-in-the-bag-able. And yes, I’ve had a self-packaging “just in case” bag that came with a handbag (!) and whenever I produce it the checker always says “Wow! You’re so prepared…” Well, ya learn to be when you’re a bus-rider. Love from the BusCrone

  2. Kenzo's mom

    I love your new raincoat!! I like that it comes with a little bag. I am looking for a new raincoat w/a hood for myself now too. Using an umbrella is not an option for me this fall/winter when I have to carry my sleeping toddler on the way home from the bus stop when it’s raining (he is too heavy for Ergo now:)) I also like chico bags too! I keep one in my bus backpack all the time too!

    1. BusChick Post author

      I know what you mean. I need a hood because I can’t hold two hands *and* an umbrella, and I went without one for far too long.

      Good to hear from you, “Kenzo’s mom.” :) I hope to run into you guys at Uwajimaya sometime soon.

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