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Dump that pump!

Dump the Pump 2008

It’s Dump the Pump Day.

On June 19, people across the country will “dump the pump” and ride public transportation on the Third Annual National Dump the Pump Day. This event is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and more than 125 public transportation systems [including KC Metro and Sound Transit] will be participating nationwide.

The 2008 National Dump the Pump Day is a public awareness day that emphasizes how public transportation is the quickest way to beat high gas prices and it encourages people to ride a bus or train instead of driving a car. This national day also highlights public transportation as an important travel option that helps combat climate change.

(Source: APTA)

In other words: Get on the bus today, people! (If you’re feeling really inspired [or broke], you can try giving your car the whole summer off.)

All you hardcore bus chicks and other transit geeks who, like me, visit gas stations only for restroom emergencies, consider participating by:

1) Encouraging someone you know to try the bus.
2) Breaking out your hottest outfit–to reward all those first-time bus riders for making the effort.
3) Being on your best bus behavior–no fouls today, please.
4) Providing feedback (today’s the last day!) on Sound Transit’s proposal for system expansion. (We’ve got to have someplace to put all the new riders our hot outfits and genteel behavior will attract.)
5) Playing this silly online game instead of working (unless, that is, you’re already taking the day off to celebrate Juneteenth). Hey, you already ride the bus; you’ve earned it.

A brief layover

I’m leaving town in a few hours (for Friday Harbor!), so I won’t be posting this week.

In the meantime…

1. Guess these routes. Jack W., a super-smart transit planner who also happens to be a Transportation Choices Coalition board member, prepared his own form of bus Jeopardy (Jeopardy Haiku) for TCC’s last house party.

Here are a few I liked:

On this road, run routes
Eight, Forty-two, Forty-late;
This County, Sims-led

Redmond – Overlake
Five twenty will toll for thee
Seattle and Montlake

Route one ninety four’s
Faster; has twin Beacon bores
And freeways crossing

Jack says these are easy, but I don’t mind easy. Who knows the answers?

2. Share your bus knowledge. To complement his gorgeous photographs of Seattle parks, Matthew from Fremont* is planning to take pictures from Seattle’s most scenic bus routes. Right now, he’s compiling a list. Got any suggestions? (A few of mine: 39, 53, 46, 209)

3. Ride Thursday. Don’t forget to Dump the Pump on the 21st!

Dump the Pump, 2007


*This is a correction from my original post. I originally misreported Matthew’s neighborhood as Capitol Hill.