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Bus chick magnet

Back in October, I told you about Vincent Kartheiser, a handsome and successful actor who lives in LA but prefers to ride PT.

Today, I bring you Bryan Scott, the bike riding Buffalo Bill who chooses two wheels to commute to practice.

Bicycle rider and best dressed? Yes, please.

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October inspiration

It’s been a slow month (and a half) for blogging. The move, which I intend to write about at some point, (mostly from a “selecting a home for a car-free family” perspective) and which is still in progress (at least, the getting settled part) took a lot out of me. That, plus a couple of consuming projects, extreme technical difficulties, and seemingly endless weekend events had me shifting most of my alt-transpo energies to Twitter.

For the time being, I have returned to writing full sentences, and I’d like to use them to tell you about:

A …

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