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Still more on transportation and choices

On Tuesday night, I took the 14 home from the TAC meeting. The bus was packed with people, including several homeless people, who all got off at the same stop. The last woman to get off was in worse shape (both mentally and physically) than the rest and took almost five minutes to make it from the disabled section to the front of the bus. She stopped to stare at the floor, stopped to talk to herself, and, though she was barely able to move the cart she was pushing, became extremely agitated with anyone who tried to help …

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A mile (and more) in a bus chick’s shoes, part II

I have many, many pairs of shoes. This is not because I buy a lot of shoes. (In fact, I can’t remember the last time I shopped for footwear.) It is because my mother, the most stylish woman I have ever known, bought a lot of shoes, and when she tired of them, she handed them down to me. Many of these shoes I have given away, but some are too beautiful to part with. I wear them a couple of times a year, on special occasions, but most of the time, they sit in my closet, passed up …

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Bus to caucus

On Saturday, like many of our fellow Washingtonians, Bus Nerd and I attended our first caucus. It was Chicklet’s first caucus, too, but of course, pretty much everything she does is a first for her. I digress.

The caucus was held at T.T. Minor elementary, so we took the 48 (also known as my ride to everywhere) down to Union and walked the rest of the way there. (Note that we could have taken the 2 up the hill, had we been inclined to wait–or disinclined to walk.) The place was packed–with 100 people showing up …

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Speaking of bus fares…

Though I realize that current costs and constraints left Metro little choice but to raise prices, I’m not a fan of using fares (or sales tax, for that matter) as transit funding sources. I’d like to see us use other means, like tolling, congestion charging, and gas and car registration taxes.

As it happens, there’s a bill (HB 1773) in the legislature right now that would allow tolling revenue to be used to fund transit.

And while I’m on the subject: The legislature is also considering (HB 2880) exempting car-sharing members from the rental-car …

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Service changes start tomorrow

New schedules are available online and on buses.

A couple of changes of note:

Expanded service on routes 8 and 70
• Two new Eastside routes–221 and 248–made possible by at least one dirty political deal

Heads up: The fare increase will take effect in March.

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A very good Monday

Today, as we enjoy our Chicklet‘s 95th day of life, we also celebrate the 95th anniversary of the birth of her namesake, Mrs. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

Metro's Rosa Parks commemoration

Chicklet at 13 weeks


“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds, will continue in others.” – Rosa Parks

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And speaking of bus rapid transit…

Check out this Streetfilms video about Bogota’s TransMilenio BRT system (thanks, Clarence!), narrated by the editor of New York’s Streetsblog, Aaron Naparstek.

Bogota BRT (Photo credit:


I realize that transit geeks and city planners have been singing TransMilenio’s praises for some time now, but I feel compelled to jump on. I love this system. Some highlights:

• Integration: The city operates free feeder buses to take riders from their neighborhoods to the bus stations. Or, riders that would prefer to bike …

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Speaking of Transit Now…

Public feedback about the West Seattle and Bellevue RapidRide plans is due today. If you ride the bus in either of these areas and want to influence the BRT routes, fill out the appropriate questionnaire:

West Seattle (Will replace route 54)

Bellevue (Will replace routes 230 and 253)

Unfortunately, getting these routes up and running is going to be less than rapid (what with all the pesky signal and street improvements required to make this work). They’re expected to begin service in the fall of 2011.

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