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Holiday decorating, bus-chick style

Spotted at 15th & Thomas* at 8 AM(ish):

Christmas trees for car-free types
“Delivery services offered by Zipcar”
Transporting a tree--car-free!
Or not

(And again, sorry for the low quality phone photo.)

*Wondering what I was doing out in the cold early on a Saturday morning? This Saturday was haircut day, and–thank the Good Lord–Metro extended the 8’s service just in time for my beautician‘s move to Capitol Hill.

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Ridership has its privileges, part III

Spotted on Broadway, somewhere between John and Republican:

Metro discount
Metro discount

Obviously, it’s been a minute since I’ve walked Broadway; the young bus chick running the place said the sign’s been up for a couple of months.

A (15%) Metro discount and a walk-up window? If only I drank coffee. Or bubble tea.

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Buses are for everyone

Earlier today, our bus fam headed over to Volunteer Park to raise our voices in support of other families’ rights. (We were not down with the three-bus trip–48 + 43 + 10–to a park two miles from our house and so took the 48 north and made the rest of the trip on foot.) At the rally, we saw many folks who had been on the 48 with us and recognized many of our favorite bus regulars. (You know you’re a bus chick if…, item #21: “When you’re at a big gathering [sporting event, festival, concert, fair] …

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My favorite place to wait for the 8

A garage just steps from the westbound stop at 13th & John:

Obama garage


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Carfree Sundays, part I

Today, 14th Avenue East was closed (to cars, that is), from Republican to the park. I didn’t make it over there until close to 4, when it was pouring down rain and (even though the event wasn’t scheduled to end until 6), the Cascade Bicycle Club representatives were closing down their tent.

Seattle's first carfree Sunday
14th Ave E with no cars and–thanks to the rain–no people

Despite the uncooperative weather (hey–I’m sure the plants appreciated the drink), CBC’s commuting specialist, Chris Cameron, seemed pretty bullish. Apparently, folks were …

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