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A coming-out party

Our favorite rail car had its official unveiling today. Due to a series of bus mishaps–starting with an early arrival of the 27 (and a not-early-enough arrival of Bus Chick), and ending with a serious underestimation of the distance between the 23 stop at 4th S. & S. Lander and the Link Operations and Maintenance Base on Airport Way–I was 30 minutes late. This turned out to be a good thing, since I missed all the self-congratulatory speeches (all but one, which turned out to …

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A bus to the pass

After Friday’s storm, I’ve had enough excitement for the season. For those still looking for a thrill: I provided some suggestions for getting to the higher elevations without a car in this week’s Real Change column. (Thanks to Laura from Bellevue for the tips.) Winter sports aren’t really my “thing” (plus, I have word count limits), so please let me know if I missed any good options.

A Bus to the Pass

I have to admit it: I’m not much of a winter sports fan. …

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How to get a bus chick to buy what you’re selling

I saw this ad on the 545 during last night’s insane ride home:

545 ad

In case you don’t have superhuman vision, here’s what it says:

Your fantastic new job gives you such joy you start walking to work every day and before you can say tiddlywinks you’ve started a car-free revolution and the toxin levels in Puget Sound plummet and the orcas are taken off the endangered species list because the salmon make a miraculous comeback and with the abundance …

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What I learned on my ride home

1) If you’re leaving work in the middle of a rainstorm, and the wind is blowing the rain right under your umbrella (assuming you can even keep your umbrella open), and you have a 10-minute walk to the bus stop, and you’ve already ruined one cell phone by walking to and from bus stops in the rain, you can protect your current cell phone (et cetera) by putting your bag on under your waterproof jacket.

(Note: To some bus riders, the above discovery might appear elementary. To this one, it was revolutionary.)

2) If you’re riding on an …

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A bus in the hand…

I can take any one of three buses home from downtown–in order of preference, the 27, the 4, or the 14. The 27 is hands down my favorite of the three because it’s fast and takes me directly to my house. If the 27 isn’t coming anytime soon, I fall back on the 4, which, though significantly slower and less pleasant than the 27, also takes me directly to my house. The 14 is slow and requires a walk, so I take it only when neither of the other two buses is coming soon.

Tonight, I found myself at …

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Recently spotted in transit

Either a bus veered way off course, or some sad souls have too much time on their hands.

Broken sign
At least the schedule’s still intact.

So much for the cool, new signal light at this freeway station.

Speaking of cool…

Relief for bus riders who want to know where the heck their bus is already:

Tracker at …</div>
<p> <a href=

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Can bus chicks hibernate for the winter?

I have a pretty cool work schedule: On Mondays, I don’t have to go to my office, and I get to spend the entire day working on personal writing projects. Today’s agenda: A morning coffee in Belltown with a new friend (hey, Cherie!), a few miscellaneous errands in NoDo (my new name for Belltown/SLU/Lower Queen Anne), and then an afternoon of writing at home.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a stuffy nose but decided to brave the rain anyway. Would that I had just stayed home!

I was early for the coffee and so …

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This week in transit blogs

On Friends of Seattle: A discussion of Neal Pierce’s December 4th column. An excerpt from the column:

Yet, as expensive as new and expanded transit may be, the ultimate question isn’t money (indeed the federal government’s “New Starts” fund is swamped with 200 applications and shrinking dollars). Rather, it’s whether we have the will to reshape urban America in more compact, livable, energy-conscious ways. That means organizing regionally on multiple fronts …

On Cars Are Evil:

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Bus-chick-friendly weekend events

Another library celebration/historic bus tour combo:

Saturday, December 9th

MEHVA, our favorite historic vehicle preservation organization, is hosting its annual Holiday Lights Tour. I’m pretty sure they’re going to use the cool buses this time.

Where: Begins at 2nd & Main
When: 7:00 PM
Cost: $4-$5, depending on your age

Sunday, December 10th

Floating Bridge Press celebrates Metro’s

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A (hopefully) final word about bus wraps

Sharron Shinbo, project manager for Metro’s bus wrap program, sent me this in response to my question about “clear-window” bus wraps:

All of Metro’s 25 wrapped buses have the same type of perforated vinyl on the windows. The 3M products specified for use in King County are the current transit industry standard used throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries worldwide. On the Breda trolleys the window tint is lighter than on the other types of coaches so even with the black IPOD ad on the outside of the bus one …

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