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Another bus-based union

Three years ago, on his way home from work on the 308, Troy Kleweno saw Christie Hsieh. Six months later, he talked to her for the first time. And now, folks, Troy and Christie are engaged.

Tuesday afternoon, Troy devised a story to bring the two back to downtown Seattle. With a little pre-planning from Metro, the stage was set. When the 308 reached Lake City Way, Troy made his way up to the front of the bus, and using the bus intercom system, asked Christie for her hand.

(Source: Transportation Today)

I keep trying to tell y’all!

You …

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Southbound 48, 6:30 PM

Three young women from the University of Washington are sitting in the front section, passing the time on the ride home.

College woman 1: “Next year I’ll be a TA for juniors and seniors. They’re not going to respect me.”

CW 2: “Just bring a big-a** ruler on the first day and beat the crap out of one or two of ’em.”

A discussion ensues about ways to intimidate undergrads, most which involve yelling and yardsticks. Some are more elaborate and require props and professional actors.

CW 1: “I just don’t want to be one of those stoned TAs coming …

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Ridership has its privileges, part II

Yesterday, Chicklet, Nerd, and I spent the afternoon at Green Festival, a two-day green-living extravaganza that was held at the Convention Center.

The bad news: I forgot to bring the coupon for free admission that Seattle City Light sent us. The good news:There was a discount for all bus-riding festivalgoers. Between the two adults (Chicklet was free), we saved 10 bucks, not including the money we didn’t have to spend on gas and parking. This left more money to spend on food: a veggie plate and two sambusas from Horn of Africa, and a delicious fruit smoothie from Tiny’s.

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Candy paint ain’t just for cars

My little brother, Joel, a third-year dental student at the University of Washington, recently returned from a trip to Port au Prince, Haiti, where he donated his time (mostly pulling teeth and filling cavities) to people who don’t have access to dental care.

On Thursday night, Joel came over to show us pictures of his trip. Because he was visiting me, these included lots of pictures of Haitian buses. They’re called “tap-taps” (pronounced “top-tops”) by the people there, and they are amazingly beautiful. Check it:

A tap-tap in Port au Prince
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Speaking of losing stuff…

Lost and foundI receive lots of mail from folks who’ve left important items on the bus. Some of the stories end well; most do not. Though Bus Nerd has been extremely fortunate of late, he once lost his PDA on the 545. It never made it to the lost and found. Back when I lived in Houston, I lost a book from my university‘s library on the bus I rode to school. By the time I ‘fessed up, they charged me for all the days it was late …

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The things she carried, part IV (or, Four bags and a baby)

Warning: If you are freaked out by words like “breast milk” and “lactation” (Lord knows I have my moments), you might want to skip this entry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Thursday before last, after 20 weeks of baby bonding, I returned to work. The separation, though difficult, was made easier by the fact that I left my little chicklet in the capable hands of her father, who has begun his (significantly shorter) parental leave. I digress.

Like a lot of new mothers, I use an electric breast pump during the work day so that Chicklet can get as …

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Eastbound 27, 2:40 PM

Two men sitting in the front of the bus are making small talk. A couple of minutes in, they discover that they both spent time in Arizona.

Man 1: “Where in Arizona did you live?”
Man 2: “I started out in Yuma, but then I got tired of the snowbirds and bought some property near Avondale.”
Man 1: “Yuma? Why would anyone live in Yuma?”
Man 2: “Oh, I was just stupid. But I learned. When folks from Yuma die, they ask for an extra blanket in Hell.”

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Animal week continues

Spotted earlier today, at the southbound stop at 3rd & Pine:

A bus bunny
A bus bunny

No barking, shedding, or biting for this little guy. With the lid closed, it looked like his owner was on her way to a picnic.

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Speaking of animals on buses…

Recently (OK, back in February), Todd from the Czech Republic e-mailed to share information about Dogs on Board!, a campaign to allow pet dogs on buses and trains. From DoB’s mission statement:

In Europe it is the norm that people can take full-size non-assistance dogs on urban transit, regional trains, intercity trains and so on, though rarely on intercity buses, generally for half price and sometimes for free, sometimes with a muzzle and nearly always with a leash, with the driver or staff empowered to remove transit customers and their pets if there are problems.

In Canada and the …

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